Where will Lakeland Communities be 10 years from now? You Tell Us!

May 1, 2013

Where will the Lakeland be 10 years from now? have you ever thought this to yourself? We have. Due to the oil and gas industry that is so dominate in the lakeland area, seeming to be ever-expanding; alot of changes have happened to the surrounding communties. Being a business that thrives off of the oil industry, when the oilfield experiences growth, so do we. In the past 20 years of operation Lakeland Health Care has gone from doing occupational related testing for just one company to literally hundreds of different companies, most of whom are from the lakleand area, but we have done testing for companies in the u.s and even australia! Do you think that the lakeland areas tremendous oil and gas industry is a good thing? What are the pros and cons? Are we sacrificing something more important for the profits we gain? What about the enviromental factors and controversy surrounding this field? Well we would like to hear from you! Tell us what your thoughts are on this subject. Lots of celeberities, enviromentalists, economists, and politicians like to speculate. But, we live, and work here why not ask us?

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Where will Lakeland Communities be 10 years from now? You Tell Us!

May 1, 2013

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