Mask fit testing new safety

February 19, 2014

many companys that need mask fittings done, or provide the service of mask fittings are making a conversion to something new, secure, life saving, and completely automated. welcome machines like the port account from TSI, these new machines are now the highest standard in safety and compliance. Old methods of testing masks and respirators have become outdated and far more inaccurate than machines like the port account. The reason is because the old methods pertained to the person being fit tested, wearing a mostly enclosed bag over their head while wearing the mask they needed tested, while the technician would spray a bitter solution, or a smoke. The way a fail was detected was if the person being tested could identify either one of these odors/tastes. if they did not identify them then it was considered a pass as long as the negative, and positive user seal checks could be performed without any restrictions. with the port account all the user has to do is simply wear the mask and do the 7 simple breathing excercizes for 30 s each.The portaccount then analyzes the data and coverts it into a Fit Factor a number that has to be at least over 1000 to pass that tells you exactly how well of a fit each mask you are tested for fits. If you or your company has not yetr been tested in this manner, consider 

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